To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

Welcome to my very first blog post. Starting a blog about my thoughts on books, storytelling and writing in general is something that I’ve been thinking about doing for some time. With my copy of Blogging for Dummies (4th edition) in hand, I finally feel knowledgeable enough to dive into the blogosphere. Only time will tell if I sink or swim.

I feel like a very tiny drop in a vast ocean of blogs. Already I wonder if anyone will discover me. Will anyone be interested in my opinions? Do I have anything to offer my fellow bloggers? And seriously, how do I work this thing?

As I start this blog, I ask myself why do I feel this desire to blog? Here are some reasons:

  • A lot of the joy associated with reading and writing comes from sharing it with others. It’s a strange and wondrous thing how two people can read the same book and one can absolutely love it, while the other hates it. Or how your opinion on a book can change after a vigorous argument with a friend.
  • I love how books can bring people together and encourage debate. Books can unite work colleagues, friends, families, countries and continents over important matters such as if you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob.
  • Books spark the imagination. I like seeing books turned into movies and TV series – with often fantastic results. People watch these and are then driven back to the books. Art begets art (that’s a word I don’t use every day). I like being a ‘fan’ of books and discussing their various adaptations with other fans.
  • Nothing beats discovering a first-time author who leaves you desperate for their next book. Or discovering a completely new author who challenges you and gets your brain working. Or reading a book and being moved to tears by words on a page. This is all something to blog about!
  • I like seeing a worthy book with no marketing budget become a publishing phenomenon through word of mouth. I saw this a few times when I used to work in a book store. Then when I worked inside publishing it was great to be surprised by the success of a book which sold through people power rather than a marketing campaign.
  • I don’t read as much as I used to. Life has a habit of making reading not a huge priority. By keeping this blog, I am making reading and writing a priority in my life.

Finally, I hope with this blog that I can connect with fellow booklovers around the world through a shared passion of words and storytelling.

Tell me, why do you blog?