Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty Review

Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty Review
Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty, ISBN 9781460753316, 448pp

I’m a big fan of Liane Moriarty’s books, but I haven’t read her sister Nicola Moriarty‘s books before. Then I spotted a copy of Those Other Women at a book fair and snapped it up back in February. I don’t want to judge Nicola’s writing against her sister’s, but I will say that she’s a great writer in her own right.

Those Other Women was an entertaining and slightly stressful read. Why? Because it’s a book that pits women against women in the online world of Facebook groups. And as you know, women can be very mean to each other. In this book, the rivalry springs up between the Mum’s Online in Parramatta Facebook group (MOP) and a non-mum’s group called NOP. NOP is started by Poppy, who never wanted to have kids and thought her husband agreed. But then her husband leaves her for her best friend and has a child. Feeling left out and excluded from female Facebook groups where entry is based solely on being a mum, Poppy decides to start a non-mum’s group with her work friend, Annalise. Continue reading