Have You Lost Your Mojo? Here’s how to get it back …

How To Get Your Mojo Back by Dr. Ginni Mansberg (192 pages, ISBN: 9781741109245, Pub 01/04/2012, New Holland Publishers)

I didn’t realise my mojo was missing until I came across a book called How To Get Your Mojo Back. Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg, it is aimed squarely at women who are feeling stressed or finding it difficult to find balance in their life. This book feels like sitting down with a very knowledgeable, sympathetic friend who will nag you back to good physical and emotional health. It covers stress, weight loss and exercise, sleep, relationships, sex, husbands who won’t help with the cleaning, balancing work with raising a family, how to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails and even includes tips on how to avoid constipation! It’s a woman’s one-stop advice shop.

As a single person, reading about the problems of harried working mothers made me think that I have it pretty good. Seriously, how do they do it? Still, I suppose my mojo has been slightly dented by life lately, and while I am back on track at the time of reading this book, this is certainly a good resource to give me that extra boost.

Here are some of my favourite pearls of wisdom from the book*: (*Apologies for going all Oprah on you all.)

“You can’t change the wind, you can only set your sails.”

 Dr Ginni goes on to write: “… railing against the things you can’t change is nothing but a waste of your precious energy … You need to get on with life – and that means dealing with what is unchangeable and adapting to your new reality.”

So true and sometimes so hard to do.


“When you can’t see a large-picture tranquility and happiness, put one together with tiny patches of happiness from your day … the feeling of the sun on your face, the sound of children laughing, the smell of fantastic coffee or a cake store … Don’t let even one little thing fly past without seizing it and making sure it sinks into your soul and adds a patch to your happiness quilt.”

Also, very good advice. Although Dr Ginni would probably not advise me to continue my current habit of buying a slice of banana bread, smelling it and then gobbling it all up. Cake always makes me happy.

And one of the best ways to get your mojo back – making time to do something you love. Writing this blog and getting back into reading has definitely brought a spring to my step. Or maybe it’s the banana bread …