Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: A Review


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Kindle edition, 2012)
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Kindle edition, 2012)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn starts with a wife going missing on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary. Amy is beautiful, talented and the daughter of two beloved children’s authors who based a series of books – Amazing Amy – on their perfect daughter. She is married to Nick, a former magazine writer who lost his job in New York with the coming of digital publishing and the folding of many traditional magazines. With his redundancy they can no longer afford their fancy New York life. They move to the town in Missouri where Nick grew up. There Nick opens a bar with his sister, using the last of Amy’s trust fund.

Amy is the perfect wife and on this their fifth wedding anniversary she has planned her traditional treasure hunt for her husband – only to go missing. Nick gets a call from a concerned neighbour when he is at work saying that the front door of Nick’s house is open. When Nick gets home he finds that there are signs of a violent struggle within the house and calls the police.

Gone Girl is told from Nick’s perspective from Day Zero of Amy going missing. What soon becomes apparent is that the cracks in his marriage were getting wider and wider up until Amy going missing. We get Amy’s perspective on the marriage in a series of diary entries starting back when she first met Nick. The giddiness of a bright new relationship wears away over time, especially when job losses, debt and financial problems start to weigh upon them.

Day Zero of Amy missing turns into Day One and then onwards. The police are doing all they can to find Nick’s beautiful wife. What soon becomes apparent is that Nick is far from the doting husband and Amy may not just be missing from their home but missing from the world of the living. The layers of the story peel back like an onion until you get to the truth. But the brilliant thing about this book is that you may think you are clever and know what is going on, only to have twist after twist leave you having no idea where the plot is taking you.

I can assure you that I have told you little of what unfolds in this book because I don’t want to ruin this fantastic psychological thriller. On goodreads I rated this book 5 stars and I am not alone in this assessment. This is one critically acclaimed bestseller that more than lives up to its promise of being a good read.

Now I am searching for my next brilliant read. Any suggestions?