Us Against You by Fredrik Backman Review

Us Against You by Fredrik Backman Review
Us Against You by Fredrik Backman, ISBN 9781405930239, 417pp

Us Against You by Fredrik Backman is the sequel to Beartown. I read Beartown a few months ago and had a complicated reading relationship with it. The writing style really annoyed me at first (Backman loves using foreshadowing which I found very distracting as a reader). But by the end of the book I had gotten over this and fell in love with the story. So, I entered into reading Us Against You prepared for it to take a little while to get into the story. Luckily, it didn’t take too long as I was already acquainted with the many characters and their respective story lines. Continue reading

Beartown by Fredrik Blackman Review

Beartown by Fredrik Backman book review
Beartown by Fredrik Backman, ISBN 9781501163104, 418pp

Beartown by Fredrik Backman is one of those books I’ve been seeing around everywhere for a long time. When I discovered a copy at a second-hand book sale I went to recently, I finally picked it up.

Beartown is a small, struggling town nestled deep in the forest in Sweden. But this sporting town felt like it could be anywhere – in Canada, America, even Australia if you swapped hockey for rugby league. Beartown doesn’t have much going for it besides its ice hockey team. The townspeople’s lives revolve around the ice rink and the fortunes of their team echoes the fortunes of the town.

This season a win by the junior hockey team in the national championships could change everything for the teenage players, the club management and trainers, their families and the rest of the town.

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