The Booker Award and Random Books on My Shelf Quiz Time

A long, long time ago (hey, isn’t that the start of a song?) Literary Tiger nominated me for The Booker Award. This is an award for blogs whose content is at least 50% about books. So an award from one book lover to another.

A big, belated thank you to Literary Tiger for passing this award on. If you haven’t already stumbled upon her blog, make sure you visit now!

The Rules are:

1.  Nominate other book loving blogs.

2.  Post the Booker Award picture.

3.  Share your top 5 books of all time.

And The Booker Award goes to ….

My problem is that I follow a lot of book bloggers who have already been nominated for this award. Obviously us book lovers all stick together. I will still name some favourite book blogs of mine. It is up to the recipients if they want to accept it or not. No returns 🙂

In no particular order:

1.  Book’d Out

2. 1001 Children’s Books

3. Lea at Sea

4. That Book You Like

5. One Book, One Movie

6. easyondeyes

7. The Bookworm Chronicles

I’ve already mentioned my favourite books in previous posts, so I will bend the rules a little and do a Random Books on My Shelf Quiz. Let’s see if all you book lovers out there can guess the names and authors of 5 books on my shelf:

Book 1: Boy meets girl on last day of college. Boy and girl decide to be friends. Years go by – day by day. Maybe they will get together eventually.

Book 2: Little sisters can be annoying. But what about a little sister who likes your boyfriend and then lies and tells everyone he committed a terrible crime? It’s enough to drive you to war.

Book 3: Four walls, a roof and a floor, a mother, and a scary man. Is there more to life?

Book 4: And you thought your childhood was bad, it’s no wonder this girl looks and acts like a rebel without a cause. That’s until she finds a cause helping a journalist uncover lies and corruption in a very cold climate.

Book 5: Diet, work, friends, relationships, mothers … it’s hard being a thirty-something single woman in a world full of smug married couples. Here’s hoping she will find her Mr Darcy.

Feel free to post your guesses in the Comment box below.