My Favourite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren Review

My Favourite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren review
My Favourite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren, ISBN 9780349422732, 371pp

I’m starting to lose count of how many Christina Lauren books I’ve read. The number of books is getting high! I only discovered this writing duo a year ago and they have now become automatic-buy authors to me. For Christmas I asked my hubby to buy me one of their backlist titles – My Favourite Half-Night Stand. And once again, Christina Lauren didn’t disappoint.

My Favourite Half-Night Stand is about Millie, a professor at a university. She is friends with four good-looking, single, male academics (how can one girl get so lucky?). But it’s all platonic. That is until Millie and one of her friends, Reid, share a sexy half-night together. They both try to get back to the ways things were afterwards, but things are now more complicated.

An upcoming university function sees Millie and her guy friends make a pact to find dates for the evening. They all sign up for online dating. Millie’s profile attracts nothing but creeps so she decides to create an alter ego and share more of herself online then she can in real life. Things get very complicated when she matches with Reid and finds herself opening up more to him online than in the real world. But what will happen to them if Reid finds out?

So, there’s the not at all realistic scenario. If you can get over the fact that Millie is actually cat fishing poor Reid – something that is not cool – then it’s a fun read. It’s very much a rom-com scenario where if it happened in real life you’d be calling the police, but somehow you know in the pages of a novel it will all work out okay.

I liked all the male characters. There’s something nice about highly intelligent guys interacting together and sharing a bromance. Millie was a harder character to gel with only because she was so guarded and made things more complicated then they needed to be. Talk about unnecessary conflict!

But it’s always fun and a reading pleasure to read a Christina Lauren book. This one is perhaps not my favourite one, but it was enjoyable all the same.

Verdict: Read this if you love a good rom-com story about friends turning into lovers.

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