A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan Review

A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan Review
A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan, ISBN 9781848457935, 454pp

Set in Aspen, Colorado, A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan tells the story of a British family. The White family, consisting of parents Maggie and Nick and big sister Katie, travel to America for the Christmas wedding of younger daughter Rosie. Rosie is getting married after a short, whirlwind relationship and her family is worried about the speed, especially Katie who is very protective of her younger sibling.

Maggie and Nick are separated and living in different houses but have yet to tell their daughters. So, they must act like they’re still together for the sake of Rosie’s wedding. Katie is an overworked doctor who is trying to cope with a traumatic incident that happened at work. She’s prickly and doesn’t believe in love. She clashes immediately with the best man Jordan. Rosie is impulsive and loving, but even she is having doubts about the speed of her engagement and wedding. But can she tell her soon-to-be-husband? And will the wedding go ahead?

A Wedding in December was a delightful holiday read set in a beautiful, winter wonderland location. I enjoyed reading the story from the different perspectives of the White women. Just like an entertaining Christmas movie, this book has all the elements of a great story. I found all the characters realistic and I liked how they interacted with one another and often misunderstood each other – just like a real family. Basically, everyone just needs to learn to communicate with each other!

It was a lovely wintery read as I start to swelter in an Australian summer! It’s definitely a book that has gotten me in the mood for Christmas. This was my second Sarah Morgan book and I’m so glad I discovered this author. Her books are so enjoyable.

Verdict: The perfect December read to get you ready for Christmas.

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