Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren Review

Dating You Hating You by Christins Lauren book review
Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren, ISBN 9780349417523, 353pp

I discovered Christina Lauren books back in March when I read Roomies. Since then I’ve read The Unhoneymooners and Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. Earlier this month I picked up a fourth Christina Lauren book – Dating You Hating You – and this might be my favourite one yet!

Dating You Hating You is very much in the same vein as The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and is your classic flirty foes storyline in a workplace setting. I really enjoyed it. Carter and Evie are Hollywood talent agents from rival agencies who are introduced by mutual friends at a Halloween party (they both dress as Harry Potter characters). They hit it off despite the rivalry and it seems they are heading into a budding romance. BUT then their rival agencies suddenly merge. They are told by their mutual boss that there might only be one position for them in the new company. So suddenly everything is very complicated as they are pitted against each other for the job.

I loved the setting with all the office politics and the story of a woman who is fantastic at her job coping with a bad boss who is sexist and wanting to sideline her. The romance angle was also realistic and well done. You can’t help but like both characters and hope they can work everything out in a mature way. I liked that Evie is older than Carter and it’s not an issue. I also liked that Evie is slightly better at her job (she has more experience) and Carter is not threatened.

As someone who has personally been through two companies merging – as well as major office shake-ups – I could relate to the uncertainty the characters feel when their jobs are suddenly on the line. All the office wheeling and dealing, and the Hollywood agent side of things, was fun to read. Working with some of the biggest egos on the planet would be a tough job. While this book is primarily about relationships, it tackled some worthy subjects too like sexual discrimination in the workplace and bullying.

If you don’t like a book with an office setting then this is probably not for you. But I really enjoyed it.

Verdict: Another fun, romantic story with substance from Christina Lauren.