The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet Review

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley
The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley, ISBN 9781780722405, 282pp, Pub 2015

This isn’t my usual review post because a) it’s a non-fiction book and b) it’s a diet book. But don’t let that turn you off. I do say in my blog tagline that “I read, here, there and everywhere.” Usually about once a year I get motivated to eat healthier and shift some winter weight and I buy a book to help this happen. This usually corresponds with the Australian summer coming with a vengeance and swimsuit season once again rearing its ugly head.

For some strange reason, I always choose to start these things before Christmas at a time when it’s just countless social events, eating and drinking and being merry. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Northern Hemisphere so that this time of excessive eating could be hidden under coats and bulky jumpers.

Anyway, back to the book review. This year I picked up The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet by a UK doctor named Dr Michael Mosley. You may recognise his name from The 5:2 Fast Diet series which was another book of his that I followed which helped me to lose six kilos in 10 weeks through fasting (eating what I wanted 5 days a week–within reason–and fasting for two days a week by eating only 500 calories).

Although The Fast Diet really worked for me at the time, since then I have been diagnosed with a health condition that requires me to take medication with food a couple of times a day so I can’t really fast any more. It also makes exercise a delicate balance of doing a bit but not overdoing it or I might go into a flare. So I really need to watch what I eat.

When I was last talking to my GP I asked her what she thought was the best way to lose weight and she said a low GI diet. Cutting out all the awesome foods I love like bread, pasta and rice, cutting back on sugar and swapping them for low carb options. The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet is a version of that. In the book Dr Mosley concentrates a lot on people with Type 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes as this eating plan helps to reverse diabetes in the newly diagnosed. But anyone who wants to lose a bit of weight, eat healthier and get their blood sugar levels under control could benefit from reading this book.

This book is really easy and inspiring to read and comes with an explanation of the science behind what raised blood sugar levels do to your body over time. Dr Mosley explains how doctors always believed in the low-fat diet but how a lot of people on this sort of eating plan failed to shift weight or reverse diabetes. Now some fats are seen as actually being good and the enemy is now easily digestible carbohydrates. It includes a lot of case studies of people who have tried this way of eating and adopted it as a way of life. Many people have shed half their size and reversed a whole range of medical issues. It also includes a 4 week menu plan, lots of recipes (most without photos) and exercise tips.

This book has taught me a lot but much of this is also commonsense eating. I really bought it to inspire my husband and I when planning our meals for the working week so that we make some healthier options. My husband’s new favourite kitchen toy is a spiralizer and we are experimenting with making zucchini (courgette) spaghetti and other spiralised things. Cauliflower rice is also on our list of foods to try. We have made low gi waffles and a very yummy vegetable frittata from the book. Luckily going into summer makes me love eating salad and some fish, but there’s also lots of soups to try in this book.

I’ve only just finished reading this book so I’m not sure if I will follow the 8 week plan as it’s only 800 calories per day, but of foods that are filling such as protein and salad, eggs and salmon, soups and vegetables. This is probably something I will look at doing seriously in the New Year. But I’m definitely referring to this book a lot when making my weekly shopping list and planning meals.

Verdict: A good book to get you eating and feeling healthier

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  1. theorangutanlibrarian December 13, 2017 / 11:12 am

    hahaha yes jumpers and the festive seasons are a definite plus for the northern hemisphere ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyway, this book sounds really good and useful!


    • Janereads December 13, 2017 / 11:17 am

      Yes it is useful but hard to stick to at this time of year ๐Ÿ˜€. I envy your northern hemisphere Christmas.

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