Beautiful Blogger Award

The lovely and talented  Lea At Sea has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks so much Lea! As I may never win an Oscar, I will use this opportunity to thank my wonderful parents, my beautiful sisters, my adorable nephews, my kindergarten teacher, all my friends, god, the friendly man at my local bakery … (just joking)

The rules are: share seven things about yourself and then nominate seven other bloggers.

I’ll do the fun part first. Drum roll please … and the nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award go to:

  1. easyondeyes
  2. Mom Meets Blog
  3. bitsnbooks 
  4. thoughtsonmybookshelf
  5. Books and Bowel Movements

I only chose five blogs as I recently nominated a bunch of great blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award a couple of posts ago. Now I’m all blogged out!

Seven things about me:

  1.  I like to travel. Countries visited so far: India, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (yep, I am counting them all as separate countries), Fiji, South Korea, China and Japan.
  2. Places I want to go someday: Nepal, New York, Alaska, Canada, Russia, Mongolia, Patagonia region of South America and Amazon, Namibia, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia (better start saving).
  3.  I love karaoke. I can’t sing well, but I like to try!
  4. I like watching cooking shows on TV even though I don’t like cooking.
  5. I can’t listen to Gotye’s song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ because it reminds me of somebody that I used to know.
  6. Look here for some other things I said about myself. They were much more interesting.
  7. I like books 🙂

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Cassie May 17, 2012 / 1:36 am

    Thank you, dear. And congratulations! I really want to go to Turkey, not sure why. And I love karaoke too!!


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